Top Ways to Ensure the Nuts And Bolts Stay Secure

25 June 2020
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Bolted joints are crucial for the safe operation of various devices. The primary purpose of nuts and bolts is to join two surfaces firmly together. However, these nuts can get loose sometimes. That means the surfaces being held together will come apart. That is not good, especially if the nuts and bolts are securing automobile parts. Thus, loose nuts and bolts pose safety risks. That is why you should work to keep them secure. Here are the top ways to ensure the nuts and bolts remain tight. 

Get an Accurate Bolt Size and Grade Combination

You must know that a bigger bolt size does not mean you get a tighter joint. Also, a high-grade bolt is not better than the lower grade bolt. The important thing is to get the perfect mixture of these elements. If you manage to get the right materials and size for your fasteners, then you may not need extra securing features. 

You can achieve that by understanding how these bolts will be applied in your operations. That means a combination of a high-grade, small fastener may be perfect for certain operations. Getting help from an expert could help ensure you get the ideal combination. 

Get the Right Lubrication

The significance of lubricating bolted joints cannot be emphasised enough. Lubrication helps to decrease the scatter of friction. Lubricants will also help to lessen the torque-to-load rotation. The best place to apply the oil is on the bolt head. You can also apply the grease on the threaded sections. 

The vital thing to keep in mind is to select an ideal lubricant for your application. Anytime you are choosing a grease, analyse the chemical composition, friction co-efficient and service temperature. You can also check the environmental impact of the lubrication. Getting the right kind of lubrication will also add to the lifespan of your bolts.

Check the Coating

Though the coating on nuts and bolts is thin, it can improve their performance. A good coat will help reduce corrosion and friction. Some coats also enhance the aesthetic value of the fasteners. You can choose various coating solutions on your nuts. One cheap and straightforward method of coating your nuts is by galvanising them. If galvanising is not enough, then you can use zinc alloys or zinc flakes with layers. Your application will also affect the coating you select for your nuts and bolts.


Ensuring the nuts and bolts are secure at all times is essential. Use the guidelines listed above to ensure your nuts do not come loose.

For more information about nuts and bolts, contact a local supplier.