4 Reasons to Choose Wire Mesh Fencing Over Chain Link

13 March 2023
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The type of fencing you choose to protect your property is going to make a big difference in everything from overall security to ease of maintenance, so it makes sense to compare the most common options.

For safeguarding commercial properties, people often turn to either wire mesh fencing or chain link fencing. In fact, many people assume they are the same thing, but there are several key differences. Chain link fencing is composed of steel wire that is wound around itself to create interwoven links. In contrast, wire mesh fencing is made from high-strength wire that is welded together, and it offers several advantages over chain link.

Here are just four.

1. Harder to Break Through

The main advantage that wire mesh holds over chain link is that it offers far more robust security. If a criminal wants to get through a chain link fence, they only need a pair of bolt or wire cutters to make a sizeable hole. However, wire mesh cannot be cut through without heavy-duty tools, and it's going to take a long time to get anywhere. It also can't be bent or twisted out of shape like a chain link fence.

2. More Imposing

Wire mesh fencing doesn't just help prevent criminals from entering your property — it can also help stop them from making an attempt in the first place. Wire mesh simply offers a more imposing appearance than chain link fencing, and it suggests you've invested heavily in the security of your property. As such, anyone looking for a good target is likely to bypass your property entirely.

3. Added Durability

Wire mesh fencing is durable as well as strong. It is usually made from heavy gauge galvanized steel, though aluminium wire mesh fencing is also becoming popular. This means it should last for years into the future without showing any signs of wear. In contrast, chain link fencing often starts showing its age relatively quickly. Additionally, the way links rub against each other means that any protective coatings are likely to deteriorate, which increases the risk of corrosion.

4. Easier Maintenance

If part of your fencing ever does need to be replaced, you'll generally find that wire mesh makes things easier. This is because it usually comes in individual panels, whereas chain link fencing tends to come in long sheets. That means replacing part of a chain link fence often means having to replace one large section. Welded mesh panels are much smaller, so replacing any part of your fence will be considerably easier. 

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