How to Use a Car Lift

14 March 2022
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Car lifts in multistorey parking garages save space and let you drive straight to your spot, rather than wind your way up into and around the garage on ramps. The lifts function in a very straightforward way, and using them doesn't take long to get used to. For new users, though, the lifts can bring up questions that people don't want to ask for fear of sounding stupid. If you've got questions you're afraid to ask, ask them anyway because you should know how to use the lift and not have any confusion.

Roof Clearance, Lift Door Clearance and Lift Length

Lifts like these are made for most passenger cars, and each lift will have a height clearance. If you have a taller vehicle with a roof rack, you could find you're unable to use the lift because your vehicle exceeds the height limit as you're trying to enter the lift for the first time. If you have items like luggage secured to the rack, the chances of not clearing the doors are even greater. Always know the height of your vehicle with and without any roof additions, including items you're carrying on the roof. This lets you stop your vehicle and remove items before you get in line for the doors.

The length of the lift is of importance, too. You have to be able to clear the doors behind you so they don't close on your vehicle. Most passenger cars and smaller utes should fit, but utes with extended cabs or beds may be too long. Again, knowing the numbers ahead of time helps you avoid odd situations like this.

Face Forward

The lifts are positioned so that you drive in, go up or down to the chosen level, and drive out. No backing in or out is needed at all. When you enter the lift and arrive at the level you need, doors on the other side of the lift will open, allowing you to drive out normally.

Exit Sensors or Timers?

Look for exit lights and be sure you know whether the doors work on a timer or with sensors. As you get used to pulling your vehicle into the lift all the way, you need to know how much time you have before the doors close. If they work on sensors, then time isn't an issue. There should also be lights that signal when it's okay to enter or exit the lift.

If you experience any problems using the lift that aren't due to you just being new, it could be that the lift needs maintenance. The manager of the building or maintenance leader can contact a car lift service company for help.