Two surprising benefits of using flow aids in your industrial facility

19 August 2020
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There are many advantages to using flow aids in your industrial facility. Read on and learn about two rather surprising perks of using this equipment.

1. Flow aids could potentially prolong the life of your conveyor chutes

Installing flow aids on your conveyor chutes could prolong the life of those chutes. Whenever a severe blockage occurs, the process of getting rid of it can damage the chute's internal walls. This is because the employees who have to remove the blockage will often need to use manual tools to forcefully poke the blockage, to break it apart so that it will start moving through the chute.

If the materials from which a blockage is made are even slightly sharp or solid, they may scrape the chute's internal walls as they're pushed apart or forward. If this happens repeatedly, the scratches in the internal walls may deepen and holes might form, at which point those sections of the chute might have to be replaced—otherwise, the materials that pass through these areas might fall out.

If however, you have flow aids fitted in your facility's chute systems, these huge and damaging blockages won't occur very often (if at all), as this equipment will keep the materials moving. This could stop them from building up and prevent the passage of other materials and blockages. This, in turn, should mean that your conveyor chutes will remain damage-free for a lot longer.

2. They can help to keep the conveyor chutes clean

The other benefit of using flow aids is that they will help to keep your conveyor chute systems clean, by ensuring that the dust particles or debris that are on the surface of any raw materials that travel through the chutes are pushed along by the gusts of air or vibrations that the equipment produces.

Whilst this equipment won't serve as a total replacement for cleaning the chutes (as your employees will still need to use chemicals and cleaning tools to get rid of any grime that coats the internal walls and any microorganisms inside these passageways) it will, by preventing unsanitary debris from settling in the chute, reduce the hours your employees have to spend sanitising them each week. Reducing the time your employee have to devote to this tiring job each week could make them more productive and energetic when they're doing the other work you assign them.

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