Your Ultimate Guide For Selecting The Right Industrial Fan

28 July 2020
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Warehouses, hospitals, schools, hotels, gymnasiums, movie theatres, underground parking lots — almost all industrial facilities require fans to help with ventilation for the health and safety of facility users. 

As there are various uses and applications for industrial fans, the fans come in different types and sizes to match the requirements of each facility. That said, it's important that you choose the correct industrial fan for your facility.

Below are a few major factors to consider when selecting an industrial ventilation fan.

The utility you want it to provide.

As their name suggests, industrial ventilation fans are designed to help with improving the quality of air circulation within an industrial building or setting. They usually do this by extracting the heat and humidity from the indoor air to keep the interior environment cool and cozy. This helps prevent users from feeling hot and sweaty.

Beyond creating a cool and comfortable atmosphere for facility users, industrial fans can do so much more, depending on the specific needs of each facility. For example, they can help create a clean and healthy atmosphere by removing airborne contaminants and unpleasant odours from places such as hospitals and gyms where high levels of hygiene are desired.

The industrial fan you choose should provide the utility you desire from it.

Where you want to install the fan.

Due to the large amount of space they're supposed to ventilate, industrial fans are massive pieces of HVAC equipment. It's, therefore, important to think about the placement of the equipment prior to purchasing it.

There are different types of industrial ventilation fans on the market, and each has unique installation specifications. For example, free-standing fans can be placed anywhere on the floors of your industrial facility and they can be moved at any time.

If you want to make the most of your floor space, ceiling- and wall-mounted fans can be excellent alternatives to free-standing fans, but they won't allow you the freedom to move your fans whenever you want.

The size of your facility.

How large or small is your facility? Your facility's square footage along with several other factors determines the facility's cooling load. The greater the square footage of your building, the larger the size of your ventilation fan should be to meet the cooling requirements of that building, and vice versa.

Industrial ventilation fans aren't cheap to buy, so it's important to make the right buying decision for your facility the first time. Taking the above-highlighted factors into account when selecting an industrial ventilation fan will help you make the correct purchase decision.