3 Top Trends in Car Elevators for Suppliers and Installers

17 February 2020
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Car enthusiasts are always looking for unique ways to indulge in their hobby, and lately, most seem to like the car elevator. Rather than park their prized possessions in a garage, a car elevator allows one to not only save space but also showcase their cars in the most eye-catching way possible. For car elevator suppliers and installers, the business could not be better. However, you must cater to the tastes and preferences of your clients. This means that you have to stay updated in car elevator designs and installation trends. Read on for insights on the latest car lift trends.

Car Elevator Lounges

Wouldn't it be great if a homeowner could sit around their vehicle with friends and have a good time? Unfortunately, this is not possible with the traditional garage; however, car elevators offer an opportunity to awe your guests. A growing trend in the car elevator industry is garage lounges. This is where a car elevator is connected directly to the home's lounge area. Rather than place a table at the centre, the space is occupied by the car elevator plate. This allows the homeowner to arrange the furniture in the lounge area in a manner that provides excellent viewing of the car, which in this case is the focal point.

Balcony Garages

While some people like to keep their cars indoors and away from public view, others don't mind showing off their cars to all and sundry. This is especially the case with clients that own collectible vehicles. For this customer, driving the car on the streets doesn't give enough exposure, and this is where car elevators come in. By allowing homeowners to park their vehicles in their balconies, car elevators achieve what the client desires. The lifts ensure the car is visible to outsiders without risking the safety of the vehicle. Most importantly, for a car elevator leading to a balcony garage to be useful, the balcony itself must be protected by tempered glass. The glass protects the car and lift against the elements and still provides visual clarity.

Landscape Car Elevators

Car elevators are not restricted to the indoors; therefore, using the outdoors offers a lot of opportunity for car lift installers. While you can propose any design to your client, it is better to recommend car elevators that blend well with the landscape. For example, if the installation ground is cemented, it would be appropriate to have the top of the car elevator cemented as well. This way, when the garage area is closed, the ground looks like one unit. Similarly, if the ground is grass, then the elevator's top should also be covered with a lawn. The bottom line is that making the car elevator part of the landscape is a priority for homeowners nowadays.