How To Keep Your Dogs Safe On Rural Properties

12 February 2020
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Australia has many dangerous creepy crawlies that pose a threat to humans and to their best friends: dogs. Dogs are naturally inquisitive animals, which can pose problems when they do not react quickly enough to snakes, spiders or even dingos in some parts of the country. You don't want to keep your dog cooped up in a house all day, especially when you have so much fantastic land to explore on rural properties. But how do you ensure their safety? Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Dog Fencing

Using some specially made dog fencing to keep your favourite pet within view is a great way to give them some space to stretch their legs without letting them roam uncharted ground unsupervised. Dog fencing is stronger than many traditionally made rural fences because it is built to withstand the pawing, digging and gnawing of your pet. That is why you should specifically look for the term 'dog fencing' when creating an enclosure for your pet. Dog fencing is also a great way to give your dog a safe area to sleep outside, with space to go to the bathroom without waking you up!


Dogs may have a heightened sense of smell, but their vision is roughly comparable to human vision. While they have fantastic vision when it comes to sensing movement in the distance, they do not outperform humans when it comes to stationary objects. That means a happy-go-lucky dog is just as liable to step on or near a snake or spider without realising it as a human might be. Providing adequate lighting around your home is a great way to keep yourself and your dog safe from accidentally stepping in the path of an angry animal that is just trying to relax.


It may sound simple, but it bears repeating: train your dog. Trained dogs are far better at responding to your calls, which means that when you do go for walks and notice your pup making a beeline for a snake, you can drag their attention away from it. Training can also help your dog identify threats better than they might otherwise. After all, dogs are largely domesticated, and sometimes they can totally misjudge predators. Having a trained dog is also so much better for just your general relationship, as it reinforces the natural roles in a more clear way. So get your dog trained!