Have you thought about using air cannons in your business?

5 February 2020
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If you work in mining, manufacturing, or any other industry that uses silos, then you will know that it can be all too common for materials to build up in the silos and cause blockages. Often, cement, aggregate or even coal can become sticky if it contains even the smallest amount of moisture. This stickiness leads to it becoming fixed to the sides of the silo, reducing the rate of the material flow. As the flow becomes restricted, your operations become slower, and eventually all movement will stop.

Clearing your silos

When you need to remove the blockage from your silos, then your options are frequently limited by the type of material you are storing. If you are storing cement or similar materials, then you can't use water to clean out the silo as you will make the situation far worse. One alternative which has proven to be successful is the use of air cannons. Air cannons can be used to emit bursts of compressed air according to a timer. These bursts of air will break up any material that is starting to clog up your silos and get them working at peak efficiency once again. Here are three further ways that air cannons can be used to improve the efficiency of your silos and save your company money.  

Less downtime

With air cannons, you don't need to wait for a blockage to occur and the silo to stop flowing before you can fix it. Air cannons release bursts of at timed intervals. These bursts of air stop the clogging and break it up before it has an opportunity to become established. By reducing unscheduled downtime, you can avoid delays and ensure all work is completed at the right time.

Safer operations

If you don't use air cannons then most of the alternative options carry considerably more risk. With air cannons, you must rely on operators climbing below unloading ports or into containers in an attempt to free the blockage. These techniques leave your workers risking serious injury.

Reduced equipment damage

Without an air cannon, you must use tools to clear every blockage, and over time, these tools can inflict serious damage on your equipment. Air cannons cause no damage since they do no more than release bursts of air.

To find out how air cannons can benefit your business and increase efficiency, talk to your supplier and ask a few questions.