How to create a strong, stable foundation

4 February 2020
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When you work in the construction industry, you will be aware that there are a lot of different ways that you could do things. Every company has their own preference for the order that certain building operations take place or the types of machinery that they like to use to get the work done. While these differences are clear to anyone who has had to work with a range of contractors, there are also certain things that remain fixed for every company. Often these fixed issues are related to important legal standards that must be followed to ensure a safe and stable structure is created. One of these non-negotiable areas can be found in the creation of building foundations.

Getting the foundation right

All construction professionals know that strong foundations are essential, and that the greater the degree of reinforcement, the stronger that foundation will be. Due to the importance of foundations, there are established standards relating to foundation depth and the types of materials which are used to support any structure. Concrete is a popular material for building foundations. It is strong and durable, but even concrete can benefit from a little help to make it stronger. One of the most successful methods of increasing concrete stability is by using reo mesh.

What is reo mesh?

Reinforcing mesh is designed to strengthen concrete and boost stability. It is a multi-purpose steel mesh used in the majority of footings and structural building slabs. It is created from a number of high-strength wires which have been welded together into a rectangular or square shape. It is commonly used in:

  • Retaining walls
  • Slab reinforcement
  • Prefabricated cages
  • Pipe culverts, box culverts
  • Precast concrete panels

Why is reo mesh used?

One of the primary reasons that reo mesh is so widely used is that as the concrete hardens, the mesh will assist the concrete to maintain both structure and strength, eventually creating a stronger product. As the years pass, the structural strength remains, providing additional support for the weight of the building above the foundation. If you are not sure which type of reo mesh would be most suitable for your structure, then your supplier will be able to make some helpful suggestions, but you should discuss it with your engineering team who will be best placed to talk about the weight distribution of the structure and the type of foundation you need to create.