What Are the Main Uses of Scissor Lifts In Australia?

31 January 2020
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There are many methods that you can use to get to a higher point, including the use of so-called cherry pickers and, of course, stepladders. However, one of the most versatile devices for getting to high-up locations is a scissor lift. In fact, scissor lifts have been around since the 1960s and have, consequently, become an everyday sight in many Australian industries. Although some companies will purchase their own scissor lifts, many businesses in the construction sector, for example, will opt for scissor lift hire for the times they are needed. What are the main applications for scissor lifts these days?

Heavy Lifting

Because scissor lifts are designed to cope with a reasonably heavy load, they tend to be used in industrial settings. You will often find them in factories or large warehouses being used to gain access to bulky items that have been stowed overhead. They are particularly useful when a forklift truck would not be able to lift the item that is needed or when an operative needs to get closer to the thing they will be retrieving than a forklift truck would allow for.

Service Companies

Because most scissor lifts have a flat platform that you can work from, they are often used by service companies. The use of a scissor lift means that operatives should be able to work safely even when their job requires them to work at height, without having to take the time to install scaffolding. For this reason, they are often used by roofing companies, painters and decorators and even window cleaning firms. Power distribution and telephone cable engineers will also make frequent use of them.

Aviation Services

Scissor lifts are frequently used in the aviation industry. You can see them at most large airports, where they are sometimes deployed to carry out maintenance works on aircraft. They are also a suitable device that can be used to load and unload luggage from a civil aircraft. Indeed, they have even been used to help people get off a passenger service when other options have not been available.

Farming Jobs

Finally, scissor lifts are sometimes used in the agricultural sector as well. You will see them being deployed in forestry, perhaps to gain access to the upper boughs of a tree so that pollarding can take place. In other cases, they are utilised so that fruit can be picked without damaging the tree from which fruit is being taken.