The Significance of Creating an Electrical Maintenance Schedule for Your Home or Business

31 January 2020
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When was the last time you created an electrical maintenance schedule for your home or business? If you're like most people, you only hire an electrician when you need installation or repair services. However, did you know that regular maintenance can go a long way in improving safety and efficiency? If not, keep reading to learn the significance of an electrical maintenance schedule in your home or commercial facility.

Reduces the Risk of Fire Hazards

Failure to inspect, test and maintain electrical equipment and systems exposes you to the risk of fire hazards. For example, in an old building, exposed electrical wiring can easily spark and cause a fire or expose occupants to electrocution. Signs such as constant tripping of circuit breakers, hot or warm spots on the walls and discolored outlets are an indication of a disaster in waiting.

Regular electrical maintenance avoids these and other risks that expose your property to fire hazards. The electrician inspects all electrical components, replaces old wiring and fixes faulty fixtures which cause breakers to trip. Doing so not only improves electrical safety but also protects individuals from electrical shocks.

Eliminates DIY Risks

DIY electrical tasks may save you a few dollars, but they can be harmful in the long run. For example, when an outlet dies, you might easily replace it but never stop to wonder what caused it to stop working. Similarly, if a circuit breaker trips, you reset it, and things go back to normal. However, most times, there are underlying problems that manifest in the form of tripping breakers and dying outlets.

DIY repairs increase the risk of having to pay more money in the future for extensive electrical repairs. What's more, you expose yourself to electrocution and your equipment to damage. By scheduling regular maintenance, you eliminate the need for DIY electrical work, which could prove detrimental to your safety.

Improves the Efficiency of Electrical Systems

Various systems such as air conditioning, heating and lighting depend on electrical energy to function. Additionally, the systems have electrical components that should remain in excellent condition at all times to work properly. For example, your HVAC runs on electrical energy. If it's not maintained, it won't meet your home or business's heating and cooling needs. Similarly, your security lighting fixtures need proper care to deter intruders from your property at night.

Without proper maintenance, these and other electrical systems can fail to function, throwing you into a state of confusion. Imagine lacking air conditioning in the summer, or leaving your business premises with no exterior lighting at night! Scheduled maintenance improves the reliability and efficiency of systems and equipment.

Scheduling electrical maintenance a few times a year can go a long way in promoting electrical safety and efficiency in your home or business. Talk to an electrician to create a schedule that meets your needs!