3 Reasons to Add a Millet Broom to Your Factory Cleaning Equipment

25 January 2020
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Your factory floor needs regular cleaning. You have to deal with everyday work dust, dirt and debris as well as periodic spills to keep the floor clean, safe and hygienic.

You may well have a broom or two in your cleaning store to keep your floor clean. Adding a millet broom to the mix is a good idea. Why?

1. Get a More Durable Broom 

Millet brooms last for a long time. They also stay efficient for longer.

Regular brooms can flatten as they age; their bristles can mat together and clog up. especially if they come into contact with moisture or liquids. If you use a broom in this condition, it doesn't sweep things up as efficiently as it should. It basically pushes stuff around the floor and often leaves small particles behind.

Millet brooms have long natural bristles. While you may lose a bristle here and there over time, the core part of the broom stays intact and useful.

Liquid contact doesn't faze this kind of broom. It continues to sweep up effectively and to trap small particles, like dust, even after years of use.

2. Get a Better Sweep

Regular brooms can't easily deal with every nook and cranny that needs cleaning. They tend to be good on the parts of the floor they touch, but they are hard to manipulate into trickier areas.

For example, it's difficult to get a flat broom into corners. If you need to clean an area that is smaller than the broom head, then you can't get the whole broom in straight on. This gives you a less-effective clean.

Millet brooms are more flexible. Their long bristles are strong; however, they have more movement in them. So, the broom can clean corners without a problem. The broom also compresses so it can get into narrow areas.

3. Get an Effortless Clean

When you use a regular broom, you have to put some effort into pushing the broom around, especially as its bristles start to wear down. You'll probably find a millet broom easier to use.

You use more of a sweeping than pushing motion with these brooms. Their flexible bristles swish around trapping stuff around them so you get an extended reach. You'll find the broom easier and faster to use.

It is important to choose the right millet broom for your factory floor. You'll need a more robust product than one designed for home use. To see what's on offer, contact broom and cleaning suppliers.