What's the Difference Between a Scissor Lift's Platform and Working Heights?

9 February 2021
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If you need to hire a scissor lift, then you have to find one that can reach the right height. You can't assume that any scissor lift will be able to go up to the height you want, as different models have different reach capabilities. As such, getting things right is sometimes complicated by the description of the height reach of a scissor lift. For example, some companies will give the lift's platform height while others give the working height. Some give both. But, what are the differences between a scissor lift's platform and working heights? Why are both measurements important?

What Is a Scissor Lift's Platform Height?

A scissor lift platform is the box that people work in on the lift. This platform is used to create a specific height measurement. So, to get to the platform height figure, you generally measure from the ground up to the bottom of the platform (the floor that workers stand on) when the lift is fully extended. While this figure gives you an idea of how high a scissor lift can go, it's also important to think about the working height before you hire a lift.

What Is a Scissor Lift's Working Height?

The working height of a scissor lift will be higher than its platform height. This measurement factors in the fact that people will stand on the platform to work. They extend the lift's height reach. For example, if a scissor lift has a platform height of 20ft, then its working height will be approximately 26ft. Typically, this measurement works on the assumption that a person who is 6ft tall will add this height to the lift. They create extra working height.

Why Use Both Heights When Choosing a Lift?

If you consider the details of hiring the right size of scissor lift, then you keep your hire costs as low as possible. While hiring a lift that goes up higher than you need won't affect your job, it is likely to increase your costs. Generally, lifts that have higher reaches are usually more expensive to hire than smaller models. So, it's worth checking if the working height of a lift allows you to hire a smaller lift with a lower platform height. For example, if you need your workers to reach a height of 35ft, then you can usually hire a lift with a 30ft platform height. You likely don't need to upgrade to a 40ft model.

To make sure you get the right lift for your needs, ask a company that provides scissor lifts. They can help you choose the right model.