Top Benefits of Pneumatic Scissor Lifts in Construction Projects

4 December 2020
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Elevated works in a construction site can be uncomfortable and risky, which might explain why scissor lifts have become critical pieces of equipment. The equipment provides a safe and stable platform for workers to perform tasks, such as wiring, inspections and installations. While construction contractors can choose from a wide array of scissor lift types, pneumatic models are the best option. This article highlights the benefits of pneumatic scissor lifts in construction sites.


One of the reasons why most startup contractors prefer to hire conventional scissor lifts is the cost involved. While standard scissor lifts might not be the most expensive machines on a construction site, they do not come cheap. Moreover, you need to consider the operational costs of the equipment, including hiring an operator. However, pneumatic scissor lifts are not expensive to buy nor maintain compared to other models since they only require atmospheric air to raise and lower the working platform. The mechanism eliminates the need for oil and a hydraulic system. The fewer supplies and spare parts you need to keep a scissor lifts running, the more money you save.

Ease of Stocking 

Construction projects vary in size; some are simple single building projects while others are multi-developments. It can be challenging to stay on schedule using a few scissor lifts for multi-developments because of the workload involved. While scissor lifts operators can work round the clock, it must be done on a shift basis; however, the approach increases the cost of a construction project. Due to the inexpensive nature of pneumatic scissor lifts, construction contractors can buy and stock enough pieces to match project needs. For instance, if you are constructing 15 apartment buildings on the same lot, you can easily stock seven pneumatic scissor lifts without interfering with your budget. Moreover, the lifts act as an investment for future construction projects because you can hire them out to other contractors. Standard scissor lifts are comparatively more expensive, making it difficult for contractors to raise the initial capital outlay.

Green and Safe Equipment  

Gas-powered scissor lifts release toxic exhaust fumes, which pose a health risk to staff in indoors worksites. Nonetheless, the models are excellent for outdoor use. Pneumatic scissor lifts are considered the most eco-friendly alternative after electric booms. It is because a pneumatic system does not use oil, which is a flammable material. Besides, workers can use pneumatic scissor lifts indoor without risking their health since no exhaust fumes are produced.

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