Does Your Company Use Height Safety Products?

22 October 2020
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While the majority of people like to keep their feet firmly on the ground while working, there are still plenty of jobs that can only be done from an elevated position. Perhaps you are repairing a roof, building a skyscraper or working on a site that needs materials regularly moved between different levels. Whether it is employees or equipment that needs to be elevated to the right heights, it is vital that no lifting is carried out before a responsible individual has checked that all of the relevant height safety products are being used and that they are in good condition.

What height safety products might you need?

The type of height safety products that you need will depend on the nature and scope of your project. If you want to raise your employees to the right level to carry out maintenance or building work, then you will be thinking about safety harnesses and perhaps a platform to allow them to stand and work without the need to balance all of their tools and materials in their hands. If you need to move materials then your focus will be on hoists, safety chains and similar pieces of equipment. Whatever you need to use, there must be a designated individual with the responsibility of ensuring that the height safety equipment is well looked after, that it is stored correctly when not in use, and that it is used correctly every single time.

The value of an equipment inspection

When you are using height safety products you are literally trusting your life to them every day, so it is vital that not only are all the height safety products well-maintained but that they are being correctly used. A lot of day-to-day problems can be avoided if the products are well cared for and stored correctly when they are not being used, but accidents and general wear and tear can still occur. You must have regular inspections carried out to make certain that all of the correct procedures are being followed and that no damage has occurred. The inspector will need to look for signs of wear or knotting in your harnesses and for any indications of deterioration in the safety ropes and chains that are used to secure and lift materials around your site. If any indications of wear or damage are noted, then that height safety equipment should be removed from use pending repair or replacement. The minor inconvenience is far better than potentially causing a catastrophic accident.

For more information, contact a height safety product supplier.