What You Need to Know About Cutting Copper

22 September 2020
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If you have a project that utilises copper metal, you might need to cut copper to fit or match the design of different parts. You can either DIY or use professional copper cutting services, a decision that depends on the thickness of the copper, the precision required, how many pieces you require, whether you have the right cutting tools, time, etc.

DIY Copper Cutting

This is practical if you are dealing with thinner copper pieces that require a few minor and less complex cuts. The tools used for such a project are cheap and easily available. They include copper shears, a hacksaw, a Dremel tool and a nibbler. Find out which of these tools gives you the kind of cut surface you need and will be the most convenient or easy for you to use.

DIY copper cutting is also recommended for smaller projects, especially where you don't require to produce multiple similar pieces. Producing multiple pieces through DIY approaches can be tiring since you don't have the piece of equipment used to cut multiple copper pieces in a short time. It might also be expensive and not economical for you to buy such a piece of equipment.

Professional Copper Cutting Services

You may require these services if you:

  • Know nothing about copper cutting and lack the skills and experience,
  • Need high precision cuts and designs,
  • Require multiple similarly cut copper metal pieces,
  • Require the cut copper metal pieces produced quickly,
  • Need to cut thicker copper metal,
  • It is not feasible or economical for you to purchase expensive copper cutting equipment, etc.

You might find that professional copper cutting services help you save on time, energy and the costs you might incur if you were to buy various copper cutting tools. Though you may require to pay for these services, the cost is much lower than the price of the expensive copper cutting equipment. Additionally, if you run a copper product business, you might find it cheaper and more convenient for you to utilise professional copper cutting services.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

If you fall under the category of DIY copper cutting, ensure you use personal protective equipment. Copper cutting specialists already know about PPEs and ensure they use them. Failing to use them can lead to injuries that can leave you permanently disabled. This is another reason why you should consider professional copper cutting services. PPEs include pieces of equipment like safety goggles or a face shield, copper cutting gloves, safety shoes and bright and safe work overalls.